Amarion (PDX)
The Ancient Gods (TX)
Angries (Corvallis)
Art Fad (ID)
Artistic Crisis (WA)
Big Black Cloud (PDX)
Chairman Project (PDX)
Cimannon Wipe (PDX)
Crabapple (CA)
Danger Death Ray (PDX)
DetachDolls (Oakland)
Fandeth (PDX)
Fools Rush (PDX)
Giggle Fit (PDX)
Grandma Kelsey (ID)
Harry and The Potters (Hogswart)
Hi Ho Silver, Away! (CA)
Iji (SEA)
Living Rheum (PDX)
Naam Sain (PDX)
Nice Try (Bloomington, IN)
No Gentleman (PDX)
Pageripper (PDX)
Sharkpact (OLY)
Sons of an Illustrious Father (NY)
Space Trash (NY)
Street Eaters (Berkeley, CA)
Sword of A Bad Speller (ID)
The Taxpayers (PDX/NOLA)
TeenSpot (PDX)
Tiny Knives (PDX)
Tyson Ballew (WA)
Walter Mitty & His Makeshift Orchestra (PDX)